Wanted: Zzzz’s

…incase you’re wondering, that’s not me. 

But that is what happens many nights I attempt to sleep at a decent hour. And when I say decent hour… I’m meaning like 3am. I lie there awake for hours until my room starts lighting up and my eyes finally close.
A good example is last night-slash-this morning-slash-tonight: I climbed into bed last night after ‘visiting’ with friends at 4am, and not to my surprise at all… I watched my room light up as the sun rose. This morning I had a doctors appointment, which required me to be out of bed at 9:30 to get ready. Had I fallen asleep I would have gotten  5 1/2 hrs of sleep. But I’m not sure I ever really fell asleep… So I stumbled out of bad at 9:30 and made way to my appointment. Came back around noon, and my planned naptime had failed. I did manage to fall asleep around 11pm tonight for about an hour, which is exactly why its 5:14am and I am still up blogging on my roommates laptop.
I’m sure I’m not alone, but this is just one blogger begging for some Zzzz’s.
My problem with not sleeping at a reasonable time is that i sleep all day. This isn’t a problem now because I am still on break from school for the Holidays, but in a little over a week classes start up again. The first few weeks are going to be rough if I can’t get this figured out. Sleeping all day isn’t my only problem either… It’s what I do with the time that I am up into the early morning hours. I usually just lay in bed and think, and since I’m tired nearly every thought is a pessimistic one. That will then drive me even more insane, and keep me up even later. Its a bad cycle to get stuck in, once it starts it really only goes downhill. The other part of the time I am up, I accomplish nothing. I will watch old Law and Order episodes, or old movies, or find cute pictures of baby animals online. None of which are productive in the least bit.
So as you can see, my lack of Zzzz’s are getting me nowhere, especially with this blog. And at this time I’d like to take the time to apologize on behalf of my exhausted self and say: I’ll try to make my next post more interesting.. and relevant to life. I’d also like to think I helped someone out there catch some Zzzz’s just by reading this post, in which case, I hope your keyboard is drool proof.