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Curious folks need apply.


I thought I would use this opportunity to just share a few things about myself.

1.) I believe in treating everyone with respect, and in a friendly manner until they have done me wrong. I have had many friends who haven’t exactly had the best opinions of someone else for whatever reason. I don’t care. Unless someone has burned me I strongly believe that I have no right to judge them on the stories I have heard from others. Behind every person is a story, and that story made them who they are for better or worse.

2.) Im a very hard person to really get to know. I have no problem making casual friends, I can almost always have a conversation with anyone and get along with them, mostly because of my first point. BUT anything more than that, anything that actually makes me open up is VERY rare. There have been a few people in my life that I do trust enough to open up to. If you are one of those people, you are one of those people for life.

3.) My friends consider me as an artist, I do not. I am going to school for Graphic Design, and yes if you give me an assignment I can do it and get it done fairly quickly. Maybe its because i don’t see what I do as good work. I am surrounded by amazing artists everyday, whether its classmates, professors, or professionals on the internet. Their work is better, and I can see that. I am not to the point where my work pleases me, its just something I have a passion for and that I enjoy doing.

4.) I value honesty more than anything. One way to lose me as a friend fast is lying. I believe in always telling the truth, and if you feel bad about it then you can sugar coat it if you please. The truth hurts, and sometimes its hurts so hard you don’t want to get out of bed the next day. Its still the truth, after a while you can accept it and move on instead of living a lie you don’t even know exists. I try to always tell the truth, and I value the people who do the same to me. The people who i believe are honestly telling me the truth are the ones I allow to be closest to me. Mostly because they aren’t afraid to tell me when Im being stupid.


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