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To the creative listeners…

(& that is easier said than done.)

I wanted to discuss one thing today. One thing that can mean many things actually. CREATIVITY. Many people may jump straight to words like artist, designer, writer, etc.. but to me its so much more. I see creativity in many aspects of my life. One thing I can’t get enough of is music.

Yes, I am one of those people who walk around campus with my ipod blasting on my way to class. Many people have called out my name and I appear to be ignoring them because I cant hear them over the music. Some people dont understand this because they like to be social and talk to people for whatever reason. Maybe its because I lost most my faith in the human race long ago, but I look forward to my walk to class everyday. Those few minutes it takes me to walk to class with my favorite lyrics singing in my ear are the only minutes of my life, where my reality kind of disappears and I get that escape. For those few minutes the world disappears and its just me, and for those bad days those few minutes are the only sane ones I get.

If we want to talk about the creative people in the world who aren’t afraid of being wrong, I believe they are song writers, and the bands who sing about what everyone else is afraid to say. I admire them. If i had the slightest ounce of musical talent, I would be right there with them… Singing, or playing guitar. Sadly I have never been able to sing well (not that I dont sing), or learned to play guitar. But either way, listening to music is just as freeing if you cant perform. Maybe its not the same for you, but when I listen to be favorite band, I like to live vicariously through the band. Maybe I am a freak, and no one else does that. If you don’t, I highly suggest you try.

Music says what words can’t.


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