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August Heat.


Life Update:

Its been a while since I’ve written anything, my life has been kind of hectic I guess you could say. I wrote this last night, its short but its the perfect kind of thing to explain how things have been going for me.

I’m stuck, but I’m falling.
feeling smothered into lonliness.
My drive to live is in reverse,
thinking not even love can fix this.

I have made a lot of mistakes this summer. I would take all of them back if I could. I have hurt people who are close to me, and now… I guess people who were close to me. I have been selfish, and stubborn. I have been relentless. Sometimes those things are good. They are what help you get ahead, but I just dug myself into a deeper hole.
I am having to take a year off of school because of financial reasons, so I came to live with my Grandma out in the middle of the country. Maybe this fresh air will do me some good. Hopefully I can grow as a person, and fix those problems with people that I have hurt.


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