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Pick a number between 109 and 111

The end of the year is winding down. And I’m currently in a pile of papers, projects, presentations, and exams. Yet its 2 am on a monday night and I’m writing this blog because my mind cant keep still enough to do anything productive. Do you ever have days like that? Days, or nights, where no matter what you’re working on, or trying to do your mind is always elsewhere. Thats how my monday has been all day. Its probably because I’m a female and my emotions are on a strong dose of crazy. So I’m going to talk about a few of those things clouding my mind today, its also another chance to let you get to know me a little better.
1) Brisk midnight air in early spring is my favorite to walk in. It seems to clear my head more than normal air during the day.
2) Figuring out if youre ready for a relationship is complicated. Are you too independent? Too selfish? Do you have the ability to really trust someone like that? Are you even sure you can let someone in enough to develop a serious relationship?
3) People change. And it sucks.
4) I hate disappointing people. I hate telling people no, or not feeling the same way they do about something. I also hate lying… so I usually end updisappointing people. Its kind of a lose lose situation.
5) There are some things im just not going to ever talk about. If I’m feeling pressured to talk about them, I runaway.
6) There is no place on earth you can fully escape your problems. Most of them are in your head.


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